Youth Navigator Certification

Welcome to Youth Navigator Certification!

In this course, Career Navigators will not only learn how to effectively empower their Young Adults along their career journey, but you will receive a wide variety of tools that include:

Tools for Discovery  ~~  Tools for Exploration  ~~  Tools for Action

Let’s watch as Bob Gemignani describes the important work of the Youth Navigator, why this work is important for our communities, and what you will learn in this course.



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Course Core Competencies

~ Agility ~ Communication ~ Collaboration ~ Critical Thinking ~ Problem Solving ~ Resiliency ~ Goal Setting ~ Organizational Skills ~

Course Information

Estimated Time: 4+ hours

Difficulty: New and Experienced



    As you complete each lesson listed below, you will notice the grey checkmark next to the lesson title will turn red and the lesson title will be struck through to indicate that lesson is complete.


  • Course Syllabus

    • Youth Navigator Certification
      • Instructor Profiles
    • Be the Best Navigator You Can Be!
      • Understanding Your Role
      • Empowering Young Adults
      • Tools for Discovery
      • Knowledge Check – Be the Best Navigator You Can Be!
    • The Youth Career Development Process
      • Career Exploration / Investigation
      • Moving Forward
      • Tools for Exploration
      • Knowledge Check – The Youth Career Development Process
    • Putting the Career Development Plan in Action
      • Education & Training Options
      • Taking Next Steps
      • Tools for Action
      • Knowledge Check – Putting the Career Development Plan in Action
    • Youth Navigator Survey
      • Take the Youth Navigator Survey