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Workforce Professional Certification Series

Case Management Certification

Three amazing multi-media, self-directed online courses, with 22+ hours of content, all based on the expertise, workshops and books of Dr. Beverly Ford!
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Business Services Certification

The #1 course for learning effective outreach and marketing strategies. Join Mike Fazio on this action-filled course for all workforce professionals.
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Youth Navigator Certification

Assisting youth 14-24 takes time and patience. Our course shares relevant, applicable methods to navigate through the most challenging of obstacles.
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Reentry Services Certification

The road to success for second-chance citizens is challenging. Our online course will provide the help you need to navigate the obstacles.
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Racial Equity Certification

We’ve partnered with Soul Focused Group to create an online course designed to educate and empower every workforce professional so we can begin to create the tools necessary for human solidarity.
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Well-known workforce expert Rick Maher teaches the importance and value of developing people and organizations for success!
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Job Search Certification

Allow your participants 24/7 access to our course filled with content that provides effective strategies and tactics for a successful job search.
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Business for Women Certification

Women account for approximately 70% of workforce professionals but less than 40% are in leadership positions. That has to change, and this course will help guide those who want assistance seeking higher levels of success.
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Time Management Certification

Everyone has challenges managing their workload. There are proven ways to improve outcomes and reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed. Explore our course designed for all workforce professionals and taught by workforce expert, Lori Strumpf.
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Motivational Interviewing Certification

Learn motivational interview tips that will help you with key strategies like, Remembering Your Why, Inspiring Yourself to Change, Identifying Change in Others, and so much more.
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Here's a course designed all for you! Case Managers as well as all Workforce Professionals need incredible work-life balance. Our experts share how to do that!
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Workforce180,LLC gladly provides accommodations for those in need of auxiliary aids to take part in our webinars. We kindly request you provide us with a reasonable time prior to the start of online training,  to make the necessary arrangements for your accommodation.  Workforce180,LLC will endeavor to deliver the accommodation prior to the start of the online training if requested.   CART Services (Communication Access Real-time Translation) provides instant accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing by delivering the spoken words as a real-time stream of text. CART service is firewall-friendly and works in almost any network environment with Internet access and is compatible with all major web browsers.  Please contact us today at for more details and to discuss your requirements.