Racial Equity Certification

As the Founder and CEO of Workforce 180, I am very proud of our record, which is to help workforce professionals in all areas of career development. We’ve traveled the country to learn what’s most important to you. Anything we can do to help you serve better is our mission!  We are very excited to be to partnering with the Soul Focused Group to bring you their expert perspective on creating human solidarity.  For more than 20 years CEO Mahdi Davenport has been sharing a message of understanding and healing to help all people overcome the barriers that racial inequity presents.  Our all-new online course is intended to educate and empower all workforce professionals, participants, leaders and every community member begin a journey that allows for every person to visualize a future of harmony and peace. —


Mike Fazio, CEO, Workforce180, LLC

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Racial Equity Certification


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Course access will be available February 15, 2021

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We are so pleased and excited to exclusively partner with Workforce180 to help all workforce professionals understand the root of racism and begin a healing process.  For more than 25 years we have shared a vision that believes racism ends when human solidarity begins.”

—Mahdi Davenport, CEO, Soul Focused Group



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This module will support participants in understanding how the human socialization process and social conditioning shapes our views, decisions and actions around race and impacts the inequitable systemic outcomes we see across every system and institution in our nation. Participants will begin to grasp how the messages from our society relating to race and racism lives within our subconscious minds (groundwater) and contextualizes every aspect of our lives. Once we begin to understand the depth of our socialization process, we are than empowered to make new intentional choices that promote greater racial equity and human solidarity.




Module two discusses and shares how Systemic and institutional Racism is deeply rooted in the history of The United States. The history of racism will give participants a robust and in-depth understanding of how and why race, as a socio-political category, was intentionally created, as well as, how racism developed as system of both power and disempowerment over the course of the past 400 years. Learning this often unexamined perspective of history will provide students with clarity around why we continue to produce racially driven outcomes in our society, in spite of our best intentions.  History needs to be revisited to better our future outcomes!




This module explains in through detail how implicit racial bias is a direct and disempowering outcome of having been socialized within a race-based society. Participants will learn how each of our brains are hard-wired to receive and hold messages that perpetuate racial inequity. Yes, it’s true!  This module will also provide a series of implicit racial bias oriented case studies, that will support participants in recognizing the sweeping impact and the pervasive nature of implicit bias in our lives and work.  We see it on the news, at work and nearly every day in our personal lives.  We believe discussing these issues leads to a direct pathway of healing and resolving.




Our final module is designed to assist all participants in integrating a new understanding of how socialization, the history of racism and implicit racial bias play a role in your personal and professional lives. Participants will learn (1)transformational strategies designed to support them in acting equitably beyond their socialization and groundwater, (2)how to apply understanding of history as a social change tool and (3)how to strategically forecast towards a vision for racial equity. Our “Next Steps” process gives participants a foundational blueprint for creating human solidarity and empowerment in your spheres of influence.  

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