WIOA Consulting

-Provide verbal and written feedback for improvement planning based on WIOA compliance and improvement agenda. 

-WIOA consulting services will include the rewriting, editing, adjusting and developing implementation strategies. 

-Provide TEGL Interpretation and review as new guidance is published. 

-Provide guidance and consultation to clear USDOL Findings. 

-Provide assistance and tracking to ensure correctives measures put in place to clear findings are maintained. 

-Review the State Plan and provide updates as needed. 

-Attend Workforce Development Board and Committee Meetings as needed.  

-Provide TEGL interpretation, guidance and assistance in the development of the WDB Annual Report.

-Perform other WDB Tasks as needed. 

Lead Consultant Advisor

Mike has more than 20 years of experience assisting workforce entities achieve the their respective administrative and performance goals. He endeavors to advance the quality of work and the workforce across geographic, economic, business, and demographic communities through aligning and integrating all the resources that contribute and constitute a world class workforce, strong economy, and vibrant communities. Successfully completed coaching assignments to six Reintegration of Ex-Offender sites across the nation in various US Department of Labor RExO programs through Coffey Consulting, LLC.

-Assisted various Local Workforce Investment Boards and Project Operators with WIOA development, evaluation and completion of various Request for Proposals.

-Negotiated and secured a multi-year pioneering adult degree completion project to integrate and link national dislocated worker programs to adult college degree completion opportunities.

-Led a team to complete a statewide project to increase the use of On-the-Job Training for serving long term unemployed through local community projects. Completed major publication on On-the-Job Training effective practices.

-Facilitated a major WIOA restructuring the Washington, DC, human services system to a more person-centric focus to best serve the city residents and provide more efficient use of funds.

-Facilitated and completed the Northwest PA Tooling and Manufacturing WIOA strategic plan to guide community to a global competitive edge.

Mike Lawrence

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