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Welcome to our Online Course Catalog!


As the Founder and CEO of Workforce180, I am very proud of our record, which is to help workforce professionals in all areas of career development. We traveled the country and know what’s important to you. Anything we can do to help you serve better is our mission!


Now – Workforce180 is creating the most compelling and engaging online courses in workforce development today where everything is always in workforce language for workforce professionals.


If you are enrolled in a course – and logged in – you can view your courses by clicking the links on the My Learning Menu on the right side of your screen.


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Do you offer group discounts?

ANSWER: Absolutely! Our group discounts begin with groups of 5 or more.  Email or call us and start saving today!  Contact us at  info@workforce180.com or 917-549-3909.


FAQ: What if I want to set up an invoice with a PO or voucher number to pay for a course?

ANSWER: That’s simple! Whether you want us to invoice your company for one person or a large group have your PO or voucher number available and ready to go.  We can make that happen quickly by completing a few simple steps. Contact us at  info@workforce180.com or 917-549-3909 and find out how.