Case Management 2 Certification Program



Our Case Management 1 Certification Program discusses techniques on becoming an Effective Case Manager and the importance of building a partnership relationship with your participants along with a deeper understanding of how to use the Case Management Process more effectively to empower participants to reach their goals and your outcomes.


The Case Management 2 Certification Program is designed for both new and seasoned workforce professionals who work with any and all people with barriers to success.  Learn advanced techniques and strategies to enhance the partnership relationship, allowing the participant to take a more active role in making decisions, planning, finding resources, and providing an empowering approach to problem solving.  We will also discuss working with the unique challenges and opportunities of specific populations and how to deal with a crisis.   The all new WIOA section discusses making the transition from Case Managers to Career Planners, partnering with Business Services Reps and how to implement a progressive employment process!


It is strongly recommended that you complete the Case Management 1 Certification Program prior to taking Case Management 2 in order to ensure a firm foundation of the participant-centered approach to case management.



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Course Core Competencies

Communication ~ Collaboration ~ Critical Thinking ~ Customer Service ~ Problem Solving ~ Leadership ~ Stress Management ~ Organization ~ Conflict Resolution ~ Time Management

Course Information

Estimated Time: 7 hours

Difficulty: New and Experienced

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    As you complete each lesson listed below, you will notice the grey checkmark next to the lesson title will turn red and the lesson title will be struck through to indicate that lesson is complete.


  • Course Syllabus

    • Foundational Skills
      • Section 1 – Introduction
      • Hear Them Out
      • Influencing Attitudes and Behaviors
      • The Difficult Conversations
      • Section 1 – Knowledge Check
    • Enhancing the Partnership Relationship
      • Section 2 – Introduction
      • Sharing YOUR Story
      • Putting It All Together
      • Strategies for Problem Solving
      • Section 2 – Knowledge Check
    • Advanced Tools
      • Section 3 – Introduction
      • Expanding Your Bag of Tricks
      • Crisis Case Management
      • Section 3 – Knowledge Check
    • The WIOA Connection
      • Transforming Case Managers Into WIOA Career Planners
      • Progressive Employment as a WIOA Solution
      • Connecting WIOA Career Planners to Business Services
      • Section 4 – Knowledge Check
    • Case Management 2 Survey
      • Take Case Management 2 Survey