Business for Women Certification

Welcome to Business for Women Certification!

Women account for approximately 70% of workforce professionals but less than 40% are in leadership positions. That has to change, and this course will help guide those who want assistance seeking higher levels of success.


2:10 minutes 




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Course Core Competencies

~ Confidence Building ~ Leadership Skills ~ Business Development ~ Problem Solving ~ Resiliency ~ Communication ~ Goal Setting ~ Strength Building ~

Course Information

Estimated Time: 6+ hours

Difficulty: New and Experienced



    As you complete each lesson listed below, you will notice the grey checkmark next to the lesson title will turn red and the lesson title will be struck through to indicate that lesson is complete.


  • Course Syllabus

    • Meet the Instructors
      • Instructor Profiles
    • Overcoming Barriers
      • Overcoming Barriers – Introduction
      • Claiming Our Seat At The Table
      • Imposter Syndrome
      • Women and the Pandemic
      • Overcoming Barriers – Knowledge Check
    • 100 Years of History
      • 100 Years of History – Introduction
      • Historic Wins For Women
      • Progress in Closing the Gender Divide
      • Intersectionality of Women at Work
      • 100 Years of History – Knowledge Check
    • Effective Leadership
      • Effective Leadership – Introduction
      • Good Leaders Ask WHY
      • Women are Long Distance  Runners 
      • Owning Your Worth at Work
      • Establishing Your Executive Presence
      • Effective Leadership – Knowledge Check
    • Where We Are Going
      • Where We Are Going – Introduction
      • Women Supporting Women
      • Taking Risks for Growth
      • The Business Imperative
      • Where We Are Going – Knowledge Check
    • Survey & Bonus Content
      • Success Stories
      • Survey & Bonus Resources