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As Director of Workforce Development at Workforce180, Pat works with organizations to assess skill gaps and barriers to attaining and maintaining employment for their clients. Customized solutions are developed on topics such as, soft skills, how to jump start your job search now, how to retool and reinvent yourself, how to create a powerful resume that gets results, how to proactively connect with employers, create a powerful narrative to tell your story and ace the interview, utilize technology and social networks to enhance your results, overcome barriers to gaining employment and how to brand yourself and differentiate yourself from the competition.


Let Job Search Certification provide your participants with the guidance and reinforcement they need during their job search!

Pat Brooks,
Job Search & Readiness Training

10-Step Job Search Course

For jobseekers of all kinds!

Enroll your jobseekers in our 10 -Step Job Search Certification Course to motivate, educate, and inspire, as well as, to remove limiting beliefs and explore the extraordinary possibilities that exist within, while laying the groundwork to achieve career success and create the life they imagined! Jobseekers become empowered in their job search and will take control of their destiny by learning how to…


▪  Utilize 21st century job search strategies.
▪  Uncover their true passion, work value, and skills through career assessments.
▪  Utilize technology, social networking and more to enhance results.
▪  Re-invent themselves and re-tool in order to grow with the changing employment landscape.
▪  Brand and differentiate them from the competition.
▪  Connect them directly with hiring managers.
▪  Overcome their barriers to employment, such as lack of education, criminal conviction, over-qualification, under-qualification, and more.
▪  Start a business bonus chapter for your aspiring entrepreneurs.

PLUS: Motivational stories and affirmations, insight into the changing employment landscape, research and statistics, and much more.

$100 PER PARTICIPANT (minimum order of 100 required)

Group Discounts Available