Disruption By Design

Disruption By Design

A Leadership Series

… A Building Resiliency Series


Welcome!  The goal of the Disruption by Design Leadership Series is to provide you with an opportunity to explore change and the reasons why people react to change in different ways.


Driven by accelerating connectivity, new talent models, and cognitive tools, work is changing.  Where we once saw the Future of Work unfolding over years, everything we’ve predicted about the future of work will unfold much more rapidly – over months rather than years.


As it turns out, COVID-19 might be the great catalyst for rapid business transformations.


Whether you are an Executive Director, Board Member, Supervisor, or Front-Line Staff, we all need to adapt and evolve to be able to lead your organization through turbulence more effectively.


Presented by Richard D. (“Rick”) Maher, President & CEO of Adaptive Human Capital and hosted by Mike Fazio, CEO of Workforce180, during this workshop series, you will…


˃ explore personality factors that shape one’s tendencies in coping  with change

˃ assess your individual strengths and identify opportunities for personal development

˃ explore six critical traits of agile organizations

˃ develop skills that will help you lead yourself and others through changing environments


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Course Core Competencies

Communication ~ Collaboration ~ Critical Thinking ~ Problem Solving ~ Leadership ~ Stress Management ~ Organization ~ Conflict Resolution ~ Team Building


Course Information

Estimated Time: 6+ hours

Difficulty: New and Experienced


Course Instructor

Rick Maher Rick Maher Author

Lesson 1: An Age of Uncertainty

Lesson 2: Organizational Agility

Lesson 3: Leading Yourself and Others Through Disruptive Change

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