180Work-Up – Your Job Search GPS™

180Work-Up – Your Job Search GPS™


A 10 Step Job Readiness Program

Our 10 step 180WORK-UP plan will motivate, educate, and inspire you to remove limiting beliefs and explore the extraordinary possibilities that exist within, while laying the groundwork for you to achieve career success and create the life you imagine!



No matter where you are mentally right now: whether you are optimistic, pessimistic, or completely down in the dumps, I promise you will gain a positive outlook by the end of this course. You will gain techniques and strategies to move your life forward whether you want to start a business or land the career of your choice. You can do it, whether the economy is on the rise or if it is a down economy.


This is your opportunity to re-tool, reinvent yourself and take charge of your life and your future. Your Job Search GPS will help you become empowered to find your passion and look forward to a brighter future. With each step, you will feel like the architect of your life constructing the career and life you really want. No more settling for just any job.



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Estimated Time: 6 - 7 hours


Your Job Search GPS™

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