Restoring Futures is funded by a $4,997,845 National Dislocated Worker Grant awarded to ICF for the U.S.Virgin Islands, by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration.

All U.S. Virgin Island industries are encouraged to participate and benefit from Restoring Futures.


Eligible* new hires

can qualify employers for

significant wage reimbursement(s)

via an OJT program!

*OJT Eligible Individuals

A dislocated worker; A long-term unemployed individual; An individual who is temporarily or permanently laid off as a consequence of the emergency or disaster; or An individual who is self-employed and becomes unemployed or significantly underemployed as a result of the emergency or disaster.

Through an OJT contract with ICF, employers are provided a direct reimbursement of a trainee’s hourly starting wage.  Reimbursement is done on a bi-weekly or monthly basis (per the preference of the employer) and a percentage of the trainee’s wages (excluding tips, overtime, workers compensation and other fringe benefits) are reimbursed to the employer.  Employers with under 100 employees are eligible for 75% of wages paid to the trainee during the OJT.  Employers with 100 or more employees are eligible for 50% wage reimbursement.  There is an expectation that the employer will retain the trainee after the training period has ended. The contract is limited to the time required for the individual to become proficient in the occupation of training, not to exceed six months.

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Established in 1969 by members of the Tuskegee Airmen, ICF has grown into an international professional services firm with more than 5,000 professionals.  Headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, ICF serves all levels of government, a wide range of commercial clients, and non-government organizations. ICF’s core competencies include disaster recovery, workforce innovation, economic transformation, education, human services, healthcare, and cyber security.  ICF is licensed to do business in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  More information is available at


Workforce180, LLC is a national workforce development consulting and training organization.  We are also a licensed US Virgin Islands business and have conducted work to serve more than 600 organizations in all 50 states, DC, Puerto Rico, Guam and of course, the US Virgin Islands.  We proudly provide services to assist government agencies, non-profit and for-profit businesses, jobseekers and communities alike.  Everything we do is focused on restoring community strength, through sustainable, affordable employment opportunities.  More about us at  Our local Employment Coordinator is Mr. Adryann Glenn: or 340-513-8767.