Snip20150730_16As the Founder and CEO of Workforce 180, I am very proud of our record, which is to help workforce professionals in all areas of career development. We traveled the country and know what’s important to you. Anything we can do to help you serve better is our mission!

We always deliver LIVE webcasts, with plenty of audience interaction and unlimited Q&A. These are the most compelling webcasts in workforce development today, where everything is always in workforce language for workforce professionals.



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Private Learning Series

Available for groups of 10 or more

Sessions recorded for free 30 day playback

Training content can be customized

Certificate of Completion



Hosted by Dr. Beverly Ford
President ASM Assoc.

Dr. Ford is the recognized workforce industry expert when it comes to Case Management.  She has traveled the country for more than 20 years assisting workforce organizations and their staff members with utilizing best practices.

Case Management Certification is a training series designed for workforce professionals who work with any and all people with barriers to success. Learn what WIOA really wants and how to help them move forward in life and become employable. This training discusses all the challenges and opportunities workforce professionals face today with regard to communication skills, partnering, and providing a clear career pathway.


1. What is Case Management in a WIOA World?

Outcome Focused

  • What Do You Want Participants to Do?
  • Participants Control Outcomes
  • Case Management is the Process to Impact Outcomes


Managing Your Caseload

Effective case management requires that you achieve program outcomes with the largest number of participants possible. This session will provide you with practical strategies for organizing and managing your caseload to more effectively use your time and energy.

Topics will include:

  • Identifying who is part of your real case load
  • Assessing where participants are relative to program outcomes
  • Developing strategies for moving each group of participants
  • Distinguishing between “needy” and “ready participants


2. Motivating the “Unmotivated”

Everyone is Motivated

  • Motivation = Push Out of Comfort Zone to Try Unknown
  • Motivation is Not Work, School, Money

Motivation = Miseries and Wants

  • See Need to Change
  • Sucks List
  • Wants List

Teaching Job Retention Skills

This session provides easy to implement techniques for helping your participants manage their new jobs and improve their job retention. Topics include:

  • Defining workplace expectations
  • Developing time management skills
  • Learning how to plan for emergencies
  • Developing a support network
  • Displaying a positive attitude
  • Handling supervision and dealing with coworkers


3. Writing Effective Case Notes

  1. What Do I Record?
  • Participant’s Journey
  • My Process
  1. Fact Vs. Opinion
  • Examples
  1. Essential vs. Non-Essential Information
  • Examples
  1. How Should I Organize My Case Notes?
  • What I Know
  • Examples
  • What I Think
  • Examples
  • What I Will Do
  • Examples

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FAQ: Do you offer group discounts?

ANSWER: Absolutely! Our group discounts begin with groups of 5 or more.  Email or call us and start saving today.  Contact us today at  webcast@workforce180.com or 917 549 3909.
FAQ: What if we have someone with a disability who wants to attend?
ANSWER:  Workforce180,LLC gladly provides accommodations for those in need of auxiliary aids to take part in our webcasts. We kindly request you provide us with a reasonable time period prior to the start of the webinar sessions to make the necessary arrangements for your accommodation. Please contact us today at info@workforce180.com for more details and to discuss your requirements

FAQ: What if I cannot make one of the LIVE webcasts?

ANSWER:  No worries, because we record them and make available for playback from your laptop, PC, tablet or phone–from work or home!!

FAQ:  If it’s a multi-part pay webcast, can I just pay for one?

ANSWER:  Sorry, no.  But for the full price (or if it’s free) you get them all. Plus, remember, we record them, so you can miss one and watch it later from home, work, pc, laptop, tablet or phone!

FAQ: What is your cancellation policy?

ANSWER:  Cancellations must be received no later than 7 days prior to the start of the scheduled webcast series to receive a full refund.  Cancellations made within 7 days are subject to a $25.00 fee.  No refunds for cancellations within 7 days or for No- Shows.  Workforce180 is happy to provide a full credit toward a future webcast, booked within 6 months.  Written cancellations can be emailed to  webcast@workforce180.com

FAQ: What if I want to set up an invoice with a PO or voucher number to pay for the webcast?

ANSWER: That’s simple! Whether you want us to invoice your company for one person or a large group have your PO or voucher number available and ready to go.  We can make that happen quickly by completing a few simple steps. Email or call us and find our how.  Contact us at  webcast@workforce180.com or 917 549 3909.



-Entry to webcast(s) for one person

-eCopy of all the slides we use during each webcast

-Access to recorded versions of webcast(s) for 30 days

-Webcast(s) are 60-75 minutes long

REMEMBER——You do not need to be present for a webcast.  They are always recorded and available within an hour for playback from work, home, tablet or phone.  So, it’s ok to miss one and watch later!


-Our webcasts are all conducted LIVE—unlike those blah, blah, blah pre-recorded, click and learn formats, which haven’t been updated in a loooong time.

-Our webcasts are interactive with options for chat, polling and audio exchanges!

-Our webcasts are NOT boring.  You will be stimulated and motivated!

-Our webcasts are not one way. There’s plenty of Q&A time.