Workforce180 Youth Programs 

The courses are certified and approved for continuing education credits [1.0 CEU per each hour of training] by the National Council on Family Relations.

Bill Corbett, CPE – WORKFORCE180 Youth Consultant, is a national speaker, presenter and expert advisor on children, youth, parenting and care -giver education.  He is the author of numerous award-winning parenting books and the creator of the parent education program, LOVE, LIMITS, & LESSONS, currently being researched at the University of Connecticut. His mission for each training platform is to assist Workforce Professionals find the root cause of the challenges and obstacles they face when managing and motivating youth.  He is driven by the desire to not just solve problems, but rather create solutions, by sharing his expertise on the early childhood issues which lead to teen and adulthood years.

Bill has a degree in clinical psychology and is an on-air contributor to ABC and NBC networks on matters of parenting, family and child behavior. He provides youth coaching, workshops, classes and keynote presentations to organizations and professional audiences across the country.

Former adjunct instructor and director of the Workforce Training Center at Nashville State College.
•He is the producer and host of the talk radio show, Parent Talk, heard on the Clear Channel Network.
•Produces and hosts the international public access show for parents and teachers, Creating Cooperative Kids.
•Bill’s practical experience comes as a father of 3 grown children, a grandfather of three, and a stepdad to three.

Our Youth Worker Certification and our Youth Program Certification are specifically designed for youth oriented workforce professionals of all kinds — from One Stops, Job Corps, Community Organizations, Non- Profits, etc. Whether you are part of Admissions, Outreach, Facilitation, Career Readiness, Job Development or Counseling, this training is geared to you.

Youth Worker Certification is designed for professionals who work with youth and helps them understand why they get stuck and how to reach them on a deeper level. You learn how to help them move forward in life and become employable. This training discusses early childhood, nurturing, their thought process, bullying and much more. It gives youth workers skills in teaching emotional intelligence by the connections they create with their youth clients and the relationships they build with them. There are even segments on how they view their role as youth workers and their own behavior and attitudes. This course is certified and approved for continuing education credits [1.0 CEU per each hour of training] by the National Council on Family Relations.  Prefer us to come on site and teach it live?  No problem!  Send us a note and let’s discuss!  webcast@workforce180.com

Youth Program Certification  is designed to train youth workers on business etiquette skills in a mock business meeting and provide coaching skills to them on how THEY in turn will coach the youth. The youth clients are then brought in and the youth workers lead this business meeting, coaching and training their youth clients.  We also teach the youth to develop presentations on topics of their choice, presenting them at the front of the room, and practicing professional business etiquette skills such as handshakes, eye contact, communication skills, leadership skills and even appearance–the skills needed for successful job interviews!

`Bill Corbett recently came to our organization and gave a presentation on working with youth. The strategies, techniques, and information that he presented were great tools to have. His seminar was very informative and very relatable to the work we do here. We didn't just have youth workers, but others here on staff and it really helped. If you have an organization that works with youth, I highly recommend having Bill come speak to you!`` - Jennifer Bannister CareerSource Gulf Coast

“….Bill sits on the board of the Network Against Domestic Abuse and the Resource Advisory Committee for Attachment Parenting International.”