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We  provide exactly what workforce organizations really want—-continuous, effective and impactful help, with 365/24/7, on demand, instructor and self-learning opportunities via classes, webinars, blog posts, articles, podcasts, seminars, workshops and videos. Plus, we’ll customize our offerings to meet your needs, so that everything is focused on performance improvement.  

180LIVE is our in-person and/or webinar, instructor-led training for your staff, based on their needs. That means on-site or on-line, you get interactive learning opportunities. In fact, you decide the topics. We’ll deliver the content and maximize opportunities for positive change. Studies show, providing information in various formats, improves learning retention. So, mix and match staff members to take advantage of all the workforce related topics our Subject Matter Experts can deliver; Job Development, Employer Engagement, Youth and Older Worker Program Management, Goal Setting and Customer Service are just a few examples.

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The workforce industry’s first customized, subscription based, interactive, 24/7/365 web portal, assisting Job Developers, Business Service Reps, Career Placement Reps, Case Managers, Trainers, Career Advisors, Supervisors, Directors, Executive Directors, Career Transition Specialists or any other people-changers in Workforce Development, achieve their performance goals.  How?  By giving them unlimited access to valuable, relevant and timely information to inspire themselves and others.  Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom, anymore.  Access it from work or home.  Tablet, laptop, PC or phone!  A perfect year-round compliment to everything else you’re doing for staff capacity building.  Contact us for a free one day pass:

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180DIET is our amazing new program for setting and achieving goals.  DIET, in its original form, can be defined as “a way of life”.  Sure, you know Atkins, Paleo and those types.  But, we’re talking about a Workforce DIET, customized to set, track and improve performance.  The more you work at it, the healthier you become.  It takes commitment and perseverance to reach your goal(s), by making the correct choices, every day.  Nobody else can do it for you. Ready for a 30, 60, 90 or even one year challenge?  Let us work with your staff and watch them improve!

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Our Youth Worker Certification and our Youth Program Certification are specifically designed for youth oriented workforce professionals of all kinds — from One Stops, Job Corps, Community Organizations, Non- Profits, etc. Whether you are part of Admissions, Outreach, Facilitation, Career Readiness, Job Development or Counseling, this training is geared to you.  

Youth Worker Certification is designed for professionals who work with youth and helps them understand why they get stuck and how to reach them on a deeper level. You learn how to help them move forward in life and become employable. This training discusses early childhood, nurturing, their thought process, bullying and much more. It gives youth workers skills in teaching emotional intelligence by the connections they create with their youth clients and the relationships they build with them. There are even segments on how they view their role as youth workers and their own behavior and attitudes.  This course is certified and approved for continuing education credits [0.5 CEU’s] through the National Council on Family Relations.

Youth Program Certification  is designed to train youth workers on business etiquette skills in a mock business meeting and provide coaching skills to them on how THEY in turn will coach the youth. The youth clients are then brought in and the youth workers lead this business meeting, coaching and training their youth clients.  We also teach the youth to develop presentations on topics of their choice, presenting them at the front of the room, and practicing professional business etiquette skills such as handshakes, eye contact, communication skills, leadership skills and even appearance… all skills needed for successful job interviews!

We deliver the best, most timely learning content for improvement, by addressing such areas as Sales, Marketing, Presentation Skills, Leadership, Customer Service and Time Management for workforce, non-profit and government agencies.  Popular programs include:

Employer Engagement Excellence • Job Development • WIOA 101 • Lead vs. Manage • Time Management Matters • Goaling (um, its a verb) • Let’s Go Cold-Calling • Motivating Customers (and yourself, too) • 77 Youth Program Success Tips • Job Developing for the Disabled • Older Worker Opportunities • How To Run A Successful Meeting • Organizing Hiring Events

CLICK HERE to see descriptions for:  Getting the Rap Down • Retention Intervention • Workforce 101 • Managing Job Seeker Resistance • Assessment and Goal Setting • Facilitation Finesse • Success in the Job Search • and more!

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