As the Founder and CEO of Workforce 180, I am very proud of our record, which is to help workforce professionals in all areas of career development. We traveled the country and know what’s important to you. Anything we can do to help you serve better is our mission!


This IN-PERSON OR WEBCAST series focuses on the growing challenges of career readiness. As workforce professionals, you are being faced with increasing obstacles, as employers find other candidate options more convenient, with lower risks.  However, there are strategic and tactical ways to achieve your goals.  Learn how to blend traditional methods with the world of discovering a long-lasting client career pathway!


Organize your client’s job search

Assessments; Competency or Credentials?

Is technology killing jobs?

Transferable Skills

Career Exploration

21st century resumes – Keywords are key

Today’s most effective job search methods

Managing your digital footprint

Social media and your job search

Interview Preparation – Part 1

30-second elevator speech

How to effectively tell a story

Work Style Traits

The S.T.A.R. Method

Handling commonly asked interview questions

Interview Preparation – Part 2

Behavioral Interview questions

Panel Interviews

Video Interviews

Questions for the employer

Research the company

Interview check-list

Meet our instructor – – – – Pat Troy-Brooks!


Pat has always been passionate about helping others succeed. She owned one of the most celebrated Human Resource Management companies in the Delaware Valley. Her company aligned tens of thousands of people with jobs for over 15 years.  Armed with decades of workforce development and training experience, Pat offers strategies to help people take control of their futures and accelerate personal and professional achievement.

Her book, Your Job Search GPS™, Navigate to your career destination in 10 steps has help thousands of people regain employment, shift career paths, reinvent themselves, become entrepreneurs and learn vital skills on navigating the complexities of the 21st century workplace. She also teaches older workers how to discover new possibilities and reimagine their lives.

As Director of Workforce Development at Workforce180, Pat works with organizations to assess skill gaps and barriers to attaining and maintaining employment for their clients. Customized solutions are developed on topics such as, soft skills, how to jump start your job search now, how to retool and reinvent yourself, how to create a powerful resume that gets results, how to proactively connect with employers, create a powerful narrative to tell your story and ace the interview, utilize technology and social networks to enhance your results, overcome barriers to gaining employment and how to brand yourself and differentiate yourself from the competition.

As a cancer survivor, Pat offers comfort, insight, and motivation to cancer patients and survivors across the country, and advocates for early and frequent screenings for everyone.

Pat is a job readiness and transformation expert who inspires audiences to take immediate action.