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We’ll prescribe a custom team improvement plan that gets results!

People are different.  So, it’s easy to assume they like to learn in different ways.

The Workforce Professional 180DIET is a carefully constructed plan to become more informed, more prepared and more productive.

We know that regular intake, in multiple ways, via classes, webinars, coaching and the web will improve the consumption and retention of valuable information.

We believe long-term learning is the key to improving performance outcomes.



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It may be old school, but in-person classes, with engaging subject matter experts, is STILL a great option when it comes to staff development.  All of our trainers are well prepared to enthusiastically display their ability to educate and teach through role playing, activities and interaction.

Most online events are pre-recorded, one-way and let’s face it—- boooring.  Our webinars are live and always require attendee participation.  They are great vehicles to introduce or reinforce valuable content, in a way that allows workforce professionals to be productive.

Every person on our team has actual field experience.  From Greeter to Resource Librarian to Case Manager to Job Developer to Executive Director and all points in-between.  We always walk-the-walk, no matter what the issue and provide the one on one attention some people need.

Nowadays, people want to learn when they want to!  Our 180BOOST website allows for 24/7 access to workforce material in various platforms.  It’s filled with hundreds of relevant articles, webinars, videos, podcasts, images, charts and more.  Use it from work, home, PC, laptop or phone!

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