Mike Fazio – WORKFORCE180 Founder & CEO

I have spent my entire career in sales and marketing.  From entry level sales to sales recruitment, sales training, sales management and everything in between.  During that time I’ve probably knocked on a million doors, written tens of thousands of proposals and closed thousands of deals!  I AM NOT JUST ANOTHER TALKING HEAD.  Don’t be fooled by other trainers, who haven’t been on a customer call in years. I still excitedly go out in the field with Business Service Reps and Job Developers, to engage and convince employers of all the benefits workforce development organizations can offer. This is why I still personally teach this particular program.  Everything I share is based on reality—not theory!  Let me help your staff reveal and develop their inner sales and marketing talents!
Contact me for more info: mike@workforce180.com

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BRAND NEW for 2020

Employer Engagement Certification

Now, is the very best time to be engaging employers! Why? Well, competition for the best candidates has reached pre-recession levels.

That means, many decisions will be made based on trust and strong relationships.  Your big database of clients is filled with candidates that range from GED levels to probably PhDs! 

I’m willing to say that 80-90% of your local employers don’t know that.  Let’s go knock on 100 doors and find out.  Are you willing?  I am!




Transactional vs. Transformational Selling

Job Development vs Business Services

Learning About The Job Seeker

Becoming A Matchmaker

Hey, I’m Not A Salesperson!

Working in a 21st Century Economy

Knowing Labor, Economy and Workforce Statistics

What’s Your Brand

Building an Effective Sales Campaign

Social Media and Workforce – When Worlds Collide!

Serving Customers or Customer Service

Partnering With Staffing Agencies

Goal Setting and Achievement

Effective Handouts and Literature

Motivating Employers

Building A Sales Presentation

5 Steps to A SALE

Cold Calling – Unannounced Employer Visits

What To Say On The Phone

What To Say To A Gatekeeper

How To Talk To A Decision Maker

The Best Times and Days To Cold Call

Handling Objections

Great Qualifying Questions

How, When and When to Follow-Up

What To Bring On An Appointment

Closing and Cementing the Sale

Building Long-Term Employer Relationships